Ajmer pushkar same day

Ajmer Pushkar Same Day

‘Ajmer pushkar ‘ the land of gods . Also known as religious place . A only place where apart from racism , caste and creed all humans visit and feel blessed . If you want to book Ajmer pushkar same day tour online with aaomharedesh.Ajmer has most of famous saint hazrat moinoddim khawaja also known as khwaja gareeb nawaz
pushkar is one of the oldest cities in India . Pushkar is place we can say a small place but very intresting pushkar known for bhrama temple which is solo temple in whole world pushkar ghat where you can know about your fore-fathers a small desert where you can ride camels .
If we obey the path of sprituality a path for godness and we want to take darshan and feel blessed we can easily do in one day .

Ajmer pushkar same day :-

TOUR PLAN – Ajmer Pushkar
TYPE OF TRIP :- Cultural, Historical & Fort Places, Temple and Lake
DURATION:-  One Day Tour

Itinerary for Jaipur Sightseeing Full Day Tour :

  • Dargah Sharif
  • Lakes
  • Bhrama mandir
  • Camel fair
  • Pushkar desert
  • Shopping market

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